Powerful Ways to Live “The Million Dollar Morning Ritual”

Powerful Ways to Live “The Million Dollar Morning Ritual”

Carrying out special rituals or habits since the morning or even early in the morning, after waking up is one of the determinants of future success.

The name is: million dollar morning ritual. The meaning is that when we have had a variety of great habits or rituals since waking up, then surely we will be able to live that day super productively.

Habit and productivity experts say: when we are able to undergo a great morning ritual, then this ritual will be able to bring a "domino effect" throughout the day we live.

In other words, the great morning ritual will be infectious and give tremendous energy to our ability to conquer the challenges of the day. If we repeat this every morning, it is guaranteed that our lives will become top.

So what are your morning rituals? What are your million dollar morning rituals?

The image below provides some kind of illustration or sample that can be done to build a million dollar morning ritual. Pay attention to the schedule and its contents.

The illustration above is an example of a good morning ritual that deserves to be followed.

However, I personally have a million dollar morning ritual which is somewhat different from the one above, and I think it is no less epic.

Here's the Million Dollar Morning Ritual that I propose:

  • 04.00 am - Wake up
  • 04.00 am - Prayers Tahajud and then continued meditation
  • 04.30 am - Fajr prayer in congregation at the mosque near the complex then continued reading the Qur'an at least 3 pages along with the translation
  • 5.30 am - Read a book or read the morning newspaper online
  • 06.00 – Exercise walking for 3 KM
  • 07.00 – Breakfast and shower
  • 07.30 – Ready to work for a living
The morning ritual as above is a morning ritual that I propose to friends (and I myself am still struggling to do it consistently).

From the morning ritual above, there are at least four elements of habit that we really should be able to do, namely:
  • wake up in the morning and pray tahajjud
  • Fajr prayer habit in congregation at the mosque
  • Tadarus Al Quran and its translation
  • morning exercise.
If we can do the four elements of the morning ritual or morning habit as above, it is guaranteed that our lives will be more beautiful and happy.

I feel it myself. When I managed to do a series of morning rituals as above (even though sometimes it didn't work because I was too sleepy), then I felt that it was a productive and happy day for the soul.

The combination of spiritual habit x exercise habit is a patent combination that can really make us super productive, satisfied mentally, and physically fit.

How to get up at 4 in the morning? It's simple: start sleeping at 9 pm. Because sleeping experts say, good sleep is at least 7-8 hours every night. If we can go to sleep at 9 pm and wake up at 4 am, we can sleep for 7 hours.

How do I get to sleep at 9 pm? Turn off the television or gadgets since 8 or 8.30 pm. Change the habit of watching Netflix or playing gadgets at night into a habit of reading books to take you to bed.

Then what if someone just came home from work at 9 pm every day. Hmm. This means that the office where he works is relatively not good at managing time or time management. Or maybe the workload management is not optimal.

Try to find an office or company that values ​​work and life balance more. In fact, there are still many offices that value the personal time of their employees, in order to live a healthier and more meaningful life. Even now many offices allow WFH for their employees, as long as the work is good and satisfying.

Because the ability to undergo a great morning ritual begins at night, namely by undergoing a healthy and quality sleep pattern for an adequate duration.

Having unhealthy nighttime habits, or staying up late at night, will inevitably fail to give birth to a super-productive morning ritual. And finally this failure will cause a negative domino effect as well. Because the morning ritual is messy, someone will tend to live the day not optimally.

Once again, habit or habit is the most crucial component in the journey to determine the fate of the future. Why? Because this habit is repeated every day repeatedly and continuously, in a very long term.

When we are able to build an extraordinary million dollar morning habit (like the example above), then the impact will also be very powerful.

On the other hand, when our morning ritual is in disarray, our lives will probably be even more ridiculous, and full of sad narratives.