Blogging on Android and iOS Phones with WordPress Apps

Blogging on Android and iOS Phones with WordPress Apps

Have you used the WordPress application on your Android or iOS phone for blogging activities? If not, then now is the time to start using it.
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Blogging or writing content on the WordPress platform is an activity that is already familiar to bloggers or writers. Especially now that there is a WordPress application available on smartphones that makes it easier for you to blog via Android or iOS. By blogging, you can share information, work through writing, hone writing skills, and broaden your horizons. In addition, with blogging you can also hone your intelligence and become your digital footprint as a place to store memorable memories.

Why Blogging Through the WordPress App?

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The era of digitization that is growing rapidly as it is today makes Android smartphone users continue to grow. Some applications that you could only use on a PC have now moved to smartphones. Including the WordPress app.
What are the advantages of blogging through the WordPress application on a smartphone?
There are at least three main reasons why you should consider blogging through the WordPress App, namely:
  • First, we can manage and create content on the website on the go. So, no need to bother carrying a laptop, just with an Android smartphone, we can blog.
  • Second, you can also use the WordPress Admin area via a web browser on your smartphone. The WP application supports a responsive display on your smartphone's web browser web page. So, you don't have to swipe left and right when you're writing.
  • The WP app on Android has combined the WordPress format with the smartphone's native keyboard. This will greatly facilitate you when creating content on an Android smartphone because of its simpler appearance.
  • Third, this application will help us in the process of creating content and managing the website while traveling. With this application, we can take photos, record videos, and write articles while traveling.
In short, with the WP application we are like bringing a WordPress site into our hands so that it is easy to manage anytime and from anywhere.

Features of the WordPress App on Android and iOS

In the WordPress application there are several features that really help us to post new articles, view statistics, reply to comments, and also push notifications on the progress of your website activity.
Well, here are some features that you can use in the WP application:

1. Publish

This is a feature to view blog posts, pages, media, and comments. Apart from that, you can also edit, delete posts, add, tag, download various media, and much more.

2. Configuration

This feature serves to configure existing settings on However, the results will be different if you use
For example, on there are general, writing, and discussion settings.

3. External

Through this feature you can enter the WordPress Dashboard or view the site via a mobile browser. Then, you can use the WordPress application just like when you open it on the desktop.

4. Additional App Features

This one feature can help to set up automated sharing, cross-posting on social media, and others. In this feature you can also edit profiles, and make other settings.

Preparation for Blogging on a Smartphone with the WordPress Application

It is important to know, before using the WordPress application for blogging, you must first have a WordPress website, be it a free one (, or a paid one (

In order to use the WordPress app to create content via Android, there are things you need to set up, namely:

1. Hosting and Domain Names

Set up the best hosting and domain name for your website. If you want a free one from WordPress, you can directly register at

For those who use the free service from WordPress, your domain name will look like this;

You can also get hosting and domains for free through websites on google. However, usually free hosting and domains have restrictions on the use of the website.

Currently, you can use the free cPanel hosting service from Niagahoster to make it easier to manage your files.

2. Basic Site Settings

After you have a domain and hosting, then you can create and perform basic settings on your WordPress site.

These arrangements include; choose a theme, create a site title and description, create a menu, set up widgets, install the necessary plugins, and more.

Now, after your WordPress site is ready, you can follow the blogging guide on Android and iOS phones with the app WordPress which will be explained below.

How to Use the WordPress App

The WP application is already available for Android and iOS based phones. How to use the WordPress application is the same for Android and iOS OS. Here's a full explanation.

1. Install WordPress

How to install the WordPress App is the same as any other application. It depends on the operating system of the smartphone device you are using.

In this tutorial, I am using a smartphone with Android OS so that the installation of the WordPress App is done from Google Play.

Use the search feature on Google Play by typing “WordPress”. Then install the application on your smartphone.

2. Login Through the WordPress Application

After the WordPress App installation process is successful, then open the WP app on your phone. The next step is to login to the WP application.

There are three login options for logging into your WordPress admin page, namely:
  • Login with the email address used to register the WordPress site.
  • Sign in using the domain name of your website.
  • Sign in using a Google account.
In this case, I am using the WordPress account email address to login.

3. Create and Edit Posts

The WP app has an intuitive homepage that makes it easy for you to create and edit posts. You can see all the content on your website by tapping the Blog Posts menu in the WP app Dashboard.

On the Blog Posts page, you can see Published Content, Drafts, Scheduled, and Trashed. From here, you can edit published articles or draft articles.

If you want to create new content, you can tap the Create a post or story option at the bottom right of the page.

4. Upload Media Files

The WP application can also be used to upload and manage media files, such as; photos, videos and documents, from storage folders on your phone. So, you can upload images or videos into your article content.

Apart from that, you will also see the media files that have been uploaded to your WordPress site from this application. You can simply tap on the Media menu in the Dashboard.

5. Manage Comments

You can monitor the comments of readers from this WP application. In addition, you can also directly reply to reader comments or delete spam comments.

To do this, tap the Comments menu in the WordPress application dashboard. Select the comment you want to reply to, edit, approve, or mark as spam.

Ease of Blogging Via Smartphone

From the explanation above, we now know that blogging via a smartphone can be made easier with the WordPress application.

Although the WP application is not enough to run all the features in WordPress, this application is very helpful for the work of writers or bloggers in creating content.

We can be able to create content articles, upload photos, and manage comments from smartphone devices. So, we can get to work right away when a writing idea pops into our head.

In addition, this application can still be used when we are in a place with a low internet connection. This application has a special feature to save content as a draft while it is offline.

That's the fun of blogging on an Android phone with the WP application. Hopefully it can motivate you to continue working through writing on a WordPress blog.

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