The public reports that 134 ASN are reckless to go home, this is the response of Minister Tjahjo

UMMATIMES - Minister of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform (PANRB), Tjahjo Kumolo, emphasized that he would follow up on reports of 134 State Civil Servants (ASN) who were desperate to go home during joint leave and Eid holidays.

A number of ASNs were reported by the public through the SP4N-Report System.

He asked the 134 ASNs who were reported to go home to clarify immediately. If it is true that the ASN in question will go home during the May 6-17 period, the PPK will be asked to impose a disciplinary sentence.

"We ask that those who enter the reporting system be investigated and followed up immediately. If proven guilty, the Civil Service Officer (PPK) can impose sanctions," he said in a written statement, quoted on Tuesday (18/5/2021).

Giving disciplinary punishment is based on Government Regulation (PP) No. 53/2010 concerning Civil Servant Discipline and PP No. 49/2018 concerning PPPK Management. Disciplinary punishment depends on the type and impact of the violations committed by civil servants.

The imposition of these sanctions is a follow-up to the Circular (SE) of the Minister of PANRB Number 8 of 2021 concerning Restrictions on Travel Activities Outside the Region and / or Homecoming and / or Leave for ASN Employees during the Covid-19 Pandemic Period.

During the homecoming ban, the PANRB Ministry received 160 public reports. From that number of reports, there were 134 complaints from the public regarding ASN going home. Meanwhile, the rest are public reports regarding requests for information and aspirations.

In fact, Tjahjo repeatedly warned, ASN is prohibited from going home. Except for certain reasons, the written permission of the PPK or the lowest assignment is signed by a High Primary Official or an echelon II official.

For information, the government has firmly decided on the May 6-17 period, all people are asked not to travel outside the region or go home during the Lebaran holidays. This is in accordance with the Circular of the Head of the Covid-19 Task Force (Satgas) Number 13 of 2021.