Lots of benefit, let's start saving gold!


Since ancient times, gold bullion has been the prima donna of investment. Its value, which tends to continue to increase, saving gold can prevent inflation from scouring.

Benefits of Saving Gold:

1. The value of gold is stable Unlike other instruments, gold tends to be more resistant to inflation fluctuations, its price tends to be stable even in economic turmoil, and is easily cashed back. Global investors are also diversifying their assets into gold, to avoid risking losses due to the sluggish economic climate.

2. Easily cashed Unlike other types of investment, gold investment in the form of gold savings, is easy to cash, either digitally or conventionally. Financial institutions that provide gold savings also provide two alternatives, withdraw in the form of cash according to the gram of gold balance, or it can be disbursed as gold bullion.

When opening a gold savings account, automatically the gold that we save is in accordance with the conversion of the money deposited, will be kept by the financial institutions that provide gold savings services. Gold savings can be withdrawn at any time. So, we avoid the risk of losing gold if we keep it at home. Or investors also don't have to bother placing gold in a safety deposit box at a bank which of course requires a fee.

3. Could be a guarantee or a mortgage Some financial institutions that provide gold savings also provide credit facilities with a gold savings guarantee. This of course can be an alternative for gold savers who need urgent funds but are reluctant to pay for their gold savings. Moreover, applying for credit with guaranteed gold savings can now be done digitally without the need to come to bank branch offices or financial institutions.