3 Small businesses that are profitable in times of a pandemic


UMMATIMES - The corona virus pandemic has not ended yet, making the economic conditions of homes or factories experience a drastic decline. Business during a pandemic not only provides you with income in the form of money, but also teaches yourself to survive in all conditions.

1. Hygiene and Health Equipment

Because in the middle of a pandemic like this, who doesn't need masks from children to adults all need them. You can also be creative as possible so that the cloth mask is made to attract attention by adding a few coating components to the mask, or colors that are attractive to the wearer. Cloth masks are also easy to make and can also be used repeatedly by always keeping them clean.

Hygiene and health equipment or New Normal Kit (masks, hand sanitizers, masks, liquid soap, face shields, etc.) are currently needed by many people so that they can become business ideas during this pandemic. Sales can also be made separately or an all in 1 bundling package at a lower price.

2. Snack

Who doesn't like snacks or snacks? It may sound commonplace, but there's nothing wrong with trying this business. Homemade snacks sell well because they guarantee the quality of the ingredients and the manufacturing process.

Sales of snacks are also very practical and are fairly fast in making, of course, they can be sold online. You can also make it in the form of frozen food so that it is more practical when it will be sent to consumers.

3. Coffee per liter

Coffee liter is one of the best choices for new businesses in this pandemic. You can make coffee with various flavors that are packaged ready to go with a literal tumblr which can be an alternative because it is fast and easy to carry anywhere.