2 safe investments during the covid-19 pandemic


UMMATIMES - Valbury Asia Futures analyst, Lukman Leong, revealed an investment that is suitable for people in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. He suggested that the public should enter into investments that are easy to withdraw. Lukman gave an example, investing in precious metals could be a safe choice for investors in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Given that gold is a type of investment that is easy to convert to cash.

Precious metal

"Gold assets are currently a safe choice. Because indeed the excess is easily disbursed at any time. After all, cash is king in this crisis situation," he said.

Nevertheless, he reminded investors not to expect more profit investing in precious metals. Following a downward trend in gold prices in recent times due to progress in the process of discovering the covid-19 vaccine.

Bond Instruments

State bond instruments can also be an attractive alternative for us and investors. Given that the investment instrument is considered safe and relatively liquid. "This state bond is still attractive to place (investment). Because it was safe and liquid too," he said.